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Water Treatment and Softeners

*Free Water Quality Testing with Purchase of a Water Softener and installation

We supply and install the listed Novatek Water Softeners- the best warranty in the business that we have found.... Some facts on hard water.

Novatek Metermatic
Novatek Metermatic SE
Guarantee - Control Valve  5 yrs. 7 y rs 7 yrs
Guarantee - Cabinets, Brine Tanks & Mineral Tanks  10 yrs. Lifetime Lifetime
Bypass Valve  yes yes yes
Brine Overflow Safety Valve  yes yes yes
Insulated Tank Jackets on 9” & 10” Units    yes yes
Soft Water Brine Refill    yes yes
High Efficiency Counter-Current Regeneration    yes yes
Uses 30% Less Salt per Regeneration*    yes yes
Uses 50% Less Water per Regeneration**      yes**(than Metermatic)
Fully Programmable      yes
Adjustable Regeneration Cycles      yes
Calendar Clock Override      yes
LED Display at a Glance      yes
* plus installation (typical $235) EFT30MI- $ 685 * NT32MI- $ 890 * NT32SE- $ 995 *
  Econoflo makes your life a little softer and will save
you money now and in the years to come.
The Econoflo Water Softener Features:
 Demand regeneration control valve monitors water
use, regenerating as necessary to save salt and
water, guaranteed for 5 years
 Heavy duty cabinets, brine tanks and mineral tanks
with a 10 year guarantee
 Choice of cabinet or twin tank styles
 Bypass valve for ease of installation and service
 Brine safety valve for additional overflow
 Internal upper screen to prevent resin loss
 Designed for simple operation and service
The Metermatic is kinder to the environment and will
save you even more money than Econoflo.
The Metermatic Water Softener Features
The MI water softener offers all the features of the
Econoflo plus these additional benefits:
 Exclusive Novatek composite meter control
valve with a 7 year guarantee
 Heavy duty cabinets, brine tanks and mineral
tanks with a lifetime guarantee
 Attractive contemporary cabinets or traditional
twin tank styles
 Counter-current regeneration and high efficiency
brining yield maximum capacity per pound of salt
 Soft water refill improves brine efficiency
 Tank jacket reduces condensation (9” & 10” twin
tank models)
Using up to 50% less salt and less water than a conventional
calendar clock softener, SE is a true friend to the
environment and will help you save the most money!
The Metermatic SE Water Softener Features
The SE water softener offers all the features of the
MI plus these additional benefits:
 Exclusive Novatek composite electronic meter
control valve with a 7 year guarantee
 Exclusive SE turbine meter accurately and
efficiently monitors water usage
 LED displays time of day, remaining capacity
and regeneration cycles in progress
 Microprocessor retains information and settings
 User-friendly push button controls
 110 volt to 24 volt transformer included provides plumber services in Ontario including Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge Guelph Region Lake Huron towns and all towns inbetween-get a quote

water softener kitchener waterloo guelph

Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge and Guelph area regions have hard water that need a water softener to soften your water for protection of alot of your household appliances and clothes see these hard water facts here- we use Novatek water softener and reverse osmosis water treatment products along with all their other specialty water treatment filters- Not all water softeners are equal- compare here

Prices start at $850 installed - email us for a specific quote (tell us how many people live in the house-for sizing)

* Free professional water quality testing at a professional water quality lab with the purchase & installation of one of our water softeners- not done with a "kit" onsite...we send out a water sample to a lab and get a break down of your water to tailer your water softener for optimum performance in use of water and softener salt- you do not want to be over using and over paying for salt and water when you don't have to- some big box stores oversize and therefore upsell softeners that do not need to be put into your home- it is very surprising how often this occurs.

How to size a water softener

Complete Residential Water Softeners and Conditioning Filters

Water Treatment option- whole house filter takes out lead at 1 micron

*Insured, guaranteed, you know the price up front -Call for your free estimate

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