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Syllabi -SYLLABUS need to know for Sewage installer test ontario:


On-Site Sewage Systems


1. The Building Code:


The Building Code


A - Compliance, Objectives and Functional Statments, as follows:


Part 1 – Compliance and General, all except:

1.1.3. Building Size Determination, all

Part 2 - Objectives, all

Part 3 - Functional Statements, all


B - Acceptable Solutions, as follows:


Part 1 - General, only:

1.1. General, only:

1.1.1. Application, all

1.3. Referenced Documents and Organizations, all


Part 3 - Fire Protection, Occupant Safety and Accessibility, only:

3.1. General, only: Occupant Load Determination, all

3.1.18. Drainage and Grades, all

3.7. Health Requirements, only: Plumbing and Drainage Systems, all Plumbing Facilities for Dwelling Units, all

3.9. Portable Classrooms, only: Washroom Facilities, all

3.10. Self-Service Storage Buildings, only: Sanitary Facilities, all

3.11. Public Pools, only: to (3) Dressing Rooms and Sanitary


3.14. Tents and Air-Supported Structures, only: Sanitary Facilities, all

3.17. Additional Requirements for Change of Use, all

Part 5 - Environmental Separation, only:

5.1. General, all

5.7. Surface Water, only: Prevention of Accumulation and Ingress


Part 7 - Plumbing, only:

7.1. General, only: and (2) Floor Drains Sanitary Drainage Systems Water Distribution Systems Private Sewers and Private Water Supply, all

7.2. Materials and Equipment, only: Exposure of Materials, all Plastic Pipe, Fittings and Solvent Cement Used

Underground, all

7.3. Piping, only: Backfill Pipe Trench, all Protection from Frost, all Spatial Separation, all

7.4. Drainage Systems, only: Macerating Toilet System, all Sewage Treatment, all Interceptors, all Connection of Subsoil Drainage Pipe to a Sanitary

Drainage System, all Sumps or Tanks, all except: Sumps or Tanks, (5) and (6) Cleanouts for Drainage

Systems and (4) Size and Spacing of Cleanouts and (4) Location of Cleanouts Minimum Slope, all

Table, Minimum Permitted Size of Fixture Outlet Pipe

and Hydraulic Loads for Fixtures, all Hydraulic Loads for Fixtures, all


Part 8 - Sewage Systems, all


Part 9 - Housing and Small Buildings, only:

9.1. General, only: Scope, all

9.12. Excavation, only:

9.12.1. General, all except: Removal of Topsoil and Organic Matter

9.14. Drainage, only: Application, all Surface Drainage, all Drainage away from Wells and Septic Disposal Beds, all

9.41. Additional Requirements for Change of Use, all


Part 11 - Renovation, only:

11.5. Compliance Alternatives, all including Compliance Alternatives listed in Tables,,, and which cross-reference

requirements in the remainder of the Sewage Systems syllabus.


C - Administrative Provisions, as follows:


Part 2 - Alternative Solutions, Disputes, Rulings and Interpretations, only:

2.1. Alternative Solutions, all

2.4. Rulings and Interpretations, only:

2.4.1. Designated Materials Evaluation Bodies, all Minister’s Rulings, all

2.4.3. Interpretations By Minister, all


2. Supplementary Standards:


Supplementary Standard SA-1 - Objectives and Functional Statements Attributed to the

Acceptable Solutions

Supplementary Standard SB-5 - Approved Sewage Treatment Units

Supplementary Standard SB-6 - Percolation Time and Soil Descriptions


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