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Septic System Repair

We do repairs of septic systems-from minor to major- we will put a camera down and see what and where the fault is. Get a quote by emailing us your issues or job- they will come directly to our phone (better than calling us since then it is logged )

Possible septic system failure issues:

scaled septic bed

System Blockage
Pipe between tank and drainfield breakage (Tightline Breakage)
Power Outage-Flooding -Pump chamber flooded
Tank Failure-cracked from shifting or deterioration from gases
Tank inlet or outlet leaks
Loose conections

Drainfield Failure due to:
Clogged drainfield from solids or soil infiltration
Root Blockage
High or saturated groundwater (poor surface drainage)
Frozen Field (bc of over saturation and winter!)

Tip: Pump those tanks every election year (thereby you remember every 3-4 years to do it!)


-currently serving south western ontario get a quote

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