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Backgrounder – Building Code Examination Update

The Building Code examination program was first introduced in 2003 as part of a package of changes to the building regulatory system.  The Building Code Statute Law Amendments Act, 2002 (former Bill 124) amended the Building Code Act, 1992 and the Building Code to establish qualification and registration requirements for building practitioners.  Building practitioners affected by these requirements include building officials, certain classes of designers, staff from Registered Code Agencies (RCAs), and on-site sewage installers.  The successful completion of the examination program is one of these qualification requirements.  Building Code qualification and the examination program help ensure that the building regulation system is efficient and effective.

Prior to November 17, 2008, the examination program was based on the 1997 Building Code as amended by O. Reg 305/03.  The examination program has since been updated to reflect the changes introduced in the 2006 Building Code.  In 2006, the Province introduced a new Building Code written in an objective-based format.  The 2006 Code also included over 700 technical changes from the previous Code.  The examination program has been amended to reflect the 2006 Building Code (O. Reg 350/06), as amended by O. Reg. 205/08. 

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing sought the input of building practitioners as part of the process of updating the examinations.  In the Spring of 2008, peer-based panels met and provided the Ministry with advice on adjusting the examination syllabi to address the new Code’s objective-based structure and technical changes.  Building practitioners had the opportunity to provide further input when the draft syllabi were posted on the Building Code website for industry review in Fall 2008.  The input received through the peer-based panels and the industry review of the examination syllabi played an important role in updating the examination program.

This examination program update will affect only new practitioners and those wishing to expand their area of practice.  Qualified building practitioners will not be required to re-qualify until after the release of the next version of the Building Code, expected in 2011.  As previously committed, the Ministry will consult with building sector stakeholders on the details of re-qualification as part of a broader consultation on the content of the next edition of the Code.

New practitioners and those wishing to expand their area of practice will have a choice between the 2003 and the 2006 examinations until May 31, 2009.  From June 1, 2009 onwards, practitioners qualifying for the first time or who wish to qualify in a new category must pass the 2006 examinations.  This transition period is necessary to allow practitioners who have prepared for the 2003 examinations to write those examinations.

Syllabi - The whole document

Individual draft Syllabi:

General Legal/Process Syllabus 
Powers and Duties of a Chief Building Official Syllabus
Powers and Duties of Registered Code Agency Syllabus 
Designer Legal/Process Syllabus
House Syllabus
Small Building Syllabus
Large Building Syllabus
Complex Building Syllabus
Large Building Advanced Standing Syllabus
Plumbing - House Syllabus 
Plumbing - All Buildings Syllabus 
HVAC House Syllabus 
Building Services Syllabus 
Building Structural Syllabus 
On-Site Sewage Systems Syllabus 
Detection Lighting & Power Syllabus 
Fire Protection Syllabus 
Fire Protection Advanced Standing Syllabus

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